Swedish for Professionals offers customised, flexible and interactive Swedish language courses.

In 2014, Swedish for Professionals was founded as an innovative alternative to more traditional Swedish language learning. Claudia Olsson and Kristina Persson started the company with a focus on interactivity, flexible scheduling, digital tools and competent language coaches with the ability to engage and motivate adult learners.

Over 2,000 participants have learned Swedish with Swedish for Professionals so far. To help expats integrate, Swedish for Professionals teaches Swedish at the workplace and enables them to combine language learning with work. The participants get access to digital content in an app and an online tool, as well as a book with exercises. With gamification and “Flipped classroom”-techniques, the participants learn Swedish in a fun and effective way. The digital tools include grammar videos, vocabulary exercises etc, and are offered as preparation for the in-person sessions where the focus lies on practicing and implementing the knowledge with the guidance of a language coach.

The clients are mainly companies that choose to invest in the integration of their employees. Private customers can choose one-on-one tutoring (in-person or as a distance course) and group courses, which are held in Swedish for Professionals’ office in Södermalm, Stockholm. Partners accompanying expats to Sweden can submit their interest to such a group in order to learn Swedish and meet other internationals. Part of the offering for private customers is a specialized course focusing on Swedish that is valuable in the job-seeking process.

“En or Ett?

Swedish for Professionals has developed their own app “En or Ett”, which helps expats to practice Swedish nouns and solve the riddle of when to use the Swedish indefinite articles “En” and “Ett”.

“Our experience shows that a lot of expats find the use of “En” and “Ett” to be especially tricky, even those with a higher level of Swedish language proficiency. The app coincides with our philosophy that learning made fun and intuitive is a recipe for effective learning, so we chose to develop this tool for everyone who wants and needs the practice!”

– Sandra Sjölander, CEO Swedish for Professionals

The app is available for free on both Appstore and Google Play, download it here.

Read more at www.swedishforprofessionals.com or contact the SFP-team at hello@swedishforprofessionals.com!