Swedish krona takes a kicking 

The Swedish currency has seen its value depreciate against the Euro since the beginning of the year and the Riksbank’s decision to keep interest rates at -0.5% will not help the situation, AtoZ Forex writes. March inflation data remained weaker than expected for central bankers, given at 0.30% and 1.90% (prior: 0.70% and 1.60%) on a month-over-month and year-over-year basis. In another analysis by IHS Markit, the site writes that “it is clear from this release that the Riksbank remains firmly entrenched in its ‘cautious’ stance”. Swedish policy makers have kept the rates low as part of a mission to restore inflation in the Nordic nation, but the move has long been controversial. “This is a depressing read for those of us who think what the Riksbank is doing is nuts,” Carl Hammer, head of global macro and FX at SEB AB told Bloomberg last week. “It’s clear that the trend with a weak krona will now remain. How will it get out of the loop, how will it keep inflation high without the weak krona?”

Jenny is a writer for Mundus News and currently works as Press Secretary and Senior Communicator at Nordea. She has a keen interest in international relations as well as home affairs and has previously worked as Press Officer at the Embassy of India. Jenny has a degree in business administration and marketing from Nackademin.