Swedish school system has lost its soul says OECD education coordinator

Andreas Schleicher, Division Head and coordinator of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) argues that the Swedish school system lost its soul in the 1990s. In an interview with Svenska Dagbladet he explains that the Swedish school system consists of a multitude of individual schools that do not form a cohesive system. The Minister for Education, Gustav Fridolin (MP) agrees and points to the increase in inequality in the Swedish educational system: “we used to be one of the strongest school systems where your origins did not affect your chances to obtain good school results. That was the soul of the Swedish school” says Fridolin. Next week the results of the latest PISA test will be presented. The results from 2013 revealed a sharp dip in the Swedish results.

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Adin Mezquida Slette is a journalist at Mundus News and a regular contributor to the Monthly Policy Review. She holds a Major in Urban Planning from the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University. She has additional credits in political science and economy from the American University of Paris, Universidad de la República, Uruguay and Stockolm University. Adin has worked as a Political Advisor to a County Council Commissioner at the Stockholm County Council with regional planning as her area of expertise. The past 12 years she has spent abroad. 10 years in Singapore and now since two years in the UAE were she has been raising a family and pursuing several projects of personal interest always keeping alive a strong interest for politics, economy and the environment.