These reports are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and interests. They can be a one-off research report or on-going coverage of policy areas that are of specific interest.

Mundus International has a network of expert researchers adept at researching the entire range of Swedish issues – in a national context and at EU level. We have particular expertise in energy issues, politics, foreign aid, defence and security.

Examples of Tailored Reports that we have undertaken

  1. An in-depth analysis of innovation in Sweden, highlighting the country’s capabilities and summarising the large number of ongoing initiatives
  2. Media - and Riksdag monitoring 
  3. A review of Finland’s energy policy
  4. In-depth report on Swedish energy security: the politics and economics. Areas covered included nuclear energy, impacts of Russia, Sweden’s approach to energy at EU level and Sweden’s approach to renewable energy
  5. A review of the Swedish immigration system with a special focus on integration and links to EU policies
  6. A review of Swedish aid policy


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