Entrepreneurs call for better business climate

There have been signs of a rift between Swedish tech companies and the government, exemplified by Spotify’s opinion piece from last spring – in which the company demanded better conditions for stock options and a more active housing policy, writes Breakit. Now, more criticism has arrived in the form of an opinion piece in Dagens Industri written by a group of CEOs, including Martin Lorentzon at Spotify and Lars Backsell at Recipharm. The authors argue that the climate for entrepreneurship needs to be improved, and points to a number of aspects that should be addressed. Among other things, they call for better opportunities for corporate restructuring to avoid bankruptcy and a solution to the housing crisis so that it becomes easier to get hold of accommodation for employees. “Entrepreneurs can choose to develop their business wherever they want in the world. This means that Sweden as a nation can never be content with having an average entrepreneurial climate” the opinion piece reads. On Monday, the minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg (S), received a report on how to strengthen entrepreneurship in the twenty-first century.

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Joakim Höjer is a journalist at Mundus News and a regular contributor to the Monthly Policy Review. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from the Faculty of Journalism at Stockholm University and is finishing a Bachelors of Political Science. Joakim was previously employed at SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. He holds a great passion for both national and international politics and also travel, having formerly lived and worked in South Africa and with significant travel to other countries. Joakim is fluent in English as well as Swedish, his mother tongue.