The Alliance want to form cross-bloc government

The Alliance want to form cross-bloc government

At a press conference at 11am this morning, the leaders of the Alliance – Ulf Kristersson (M), Annie Lööf (C), Ebba Busch Thor (KD) and Jan Björklund (L) – said that they want to form cross-bloc government and invited the Social Democrats for talks. “Sweden needs a stable economic policy and major, long-term reforms, which need broad parliamentary support to be implemented,” Kristersson said.

The Alliance party leaders said the while the (preliminary) election result is close, they are clearly larger than the Social Democrats and the Greens. Therefore, they are the only real potential government, since the Left Party is not formally part of the red-green government.

The Alliance leaders underlined that they want neither the Sweden Democrats nor the Left Party to have any influence over government policy.

The Alliance leaders called on PM Stefan Löfven to resign so that the outgoing Speaker of the RIksdag, Urban Ahlin (S), can start afresh and initiate discussions with the political parties. If not, the Alliance will call for a vote of confidence in PM Löfven as soon as the new Speaker of the Riksdag has been elected on 24 of September. Kristersson also said that the Alliance will put forward a candidate as Speaker.

Liberal leader, Jan Björklund, said that patience will be this autumn’s most important virtue. The Social Democrats have always been a dominant force in Swedish politics, but this is no longer the case. Therefore, forming government will take time and be complicated, he said.

The Social Democrats has said that they will comment on the press conference later today.

A final vote count is expected on Friday.