The Finland Monthly Brief is a monthly report packed with research and analysis of Finnish current affairs.

The brief features four sections:

  1. political calendar featuring national and international events
  2. Policy news
  3. people section with new public appointments
  4. Each issue features in-depth analytical articles on Finnish current affairs.

With the approaching parliamentary elections in April followed by the EU elections in May, and with Finland’s EU Presidency starting in July, we believe that embassies in Helsinki will benefit from our reporting that will have a special focus on the elections and Finland’s Presidency themes during the Spring.

Examples of topics covered in the Finland Brief include;

  • Dispute over dismissal bill illuminates power struggle. The autumn’s biggest political dispute is a good example of a Finnish decision- making speciality – the importance of tripartite round-tables, formed by the Government and the central employee and employer organisations.
  • Finland presents its solution on how to use EU money to combat climate change: Planting forests in Africa
  • After dismal year the Greens see light again
  • Train tickets on sale for world largest undersea rail tunnel
  • Making the most of artificial intelligence: Set for lobbying AI during its EU Presidency, Finland raises the status of AI by experimenting with new technologies with its close neighbours.
  • Elderly care scandals stirs debate in government’s final months of office
  • The 2019 elections – a scene setter

Other examples of our coverage is the report on the Liike Nyt movement and our coverage of Finland’s goal to make the country a global circular economy leader by 2025.


The Monthly Brief cost €360 + VAT per quarter.

To subscribe to the Finland Monthly Brief and to find out more about the range of products we offer for Finland, email our Head of Finland Affairs, Janetta Santalo, at