Wallström: Sweden have had an impact on the Security Council

Sweden is halfway through its two-year membership in the UN Security Council. Sweden has had an impact in five specific areas, according to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström (S), writing in Dagens Nyheter.

Among other things, Sweden has strengthened women’s voices by adding stronger wordings on women in resolutions, statements and mandates for peace operations. Furthermore, women have been named in all of the UN’s statements on crisis situations in 2017. Sweden has also contributed to that the Security Council acted in crises like Yemen, Burma and Syria, writes Wallström who also looks forward to 2018. “As the world becomes less safe, it’s a bad time to isolate and pull back from the international arena”, she argues.
For further reading on Sweden in the Security Council, refer to the November 2017 edition of the Monthly Policy Review.  An outline of Sweden’s feminist foreign policy is available in the Mundus Store.


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