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Mundus News - Swedish news curated for professionals

Mundus News is perfect for foreign professionals working in Sweden like you. People who need to understand the diversity of views and opinion in Swedish society.

It’s like the cliff notes for expats in businesses, trade groups, embassies and NGOs looking for daily English-language coverage of Swedish news.

We’ll give you a friendly daily dose of:

  1. News: The top Swedish news stories of the day
  2. Business & the Economy: Coverage of business news, finance and economics
  3. The Wrap: What is the position of the major newspapers's editorials
  4. Opinion: Debate articles written by leaders from politics, industry and academics
  5. International: What are foreign newspapers saying about Sweden
  6. Society: Culture, sports and insights into the Swedish society
  7. Today: Key events leading the day’s agenda

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The first thing I do before getting started with work in the morning is reading through Mundus News. If you are looking for a daily quality brief on the main news in Sweden you will love Mundus News - whether you are a native Swedish speaker or not.

Victor Millien, Managing Director La Chambre de Commerce France Suède

 It's as if I have a PA who has gotten up before me, read through the papers and provided me with a briefing.

Angela Evans, Associate Mannheimer Swartling law firm

When I’ve had a busy day and haven’t had a chance to read Mundus News, I get my Mac to read it to me when I’m cooking dinner, so I don’t miss anything.

Jacob Dornbos, Director of Policy & Operations American Chamber of Commerce