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Understanding Sweden
Insights to Sweden for foreign professionals wanting to understand more about the society in which they work and live
Comprehensive coverage
Key domestic Swedish political, financial, business and economic stories from more than a dozen sources

Understand how Sweden truly works 

Being able to understand and interpret events in the country one is living in is important. While on the surface Sweden appears similar to other western countries, its business culture, political structure and decision-making processes are actually quite different. This is where Mundus comes in. Our products are designed specifically for an international audience needing to keep up-to-date on Swedish current affairs.

Mundus News - Swedish news curated for professionals

Mundus International delivers Swedish news direct to your inbox. Designed specifically for professionals, our customers value us for our insight, professionalism and reliability - all for a fraction of the cost of a daily cup of coffee.

Mundus News is curated and written for foreign professionals working in Sweden, who need to understand the diversity of views and opinion in Swedish society. It is for businesses, trade groups, embassies and NGOs who are looking for daily English-language coverage of Swedish news.

Mundus News is also useful for those reading Swedish but in need of a concise news summary curated for professionals.  As one of our subscribers told us – “It’s like a little bulletin for the busy”.

Comprehensive coverage

Mundus News covers important national and regional issues under 7 distinct segments;

  1. News: The top Swedish news stories of the day
  2. Business & the Economy: Coverage of business news, finance and economics
  3. Editorial Sweep: What is the position of Sweden’s major newspapers
  4. Opinion: Debate articles written by leaders from politics, industry and academics
  5. International Media: What are foreign papers saying about Sweden
  6. Society: Culture, sports and insights into the Swedish society
  7. On the Agenda Today: Key events to watch-out for

We cover the online versions of Sweden’s major newspapers: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, GöteborgsPosten, Sydsvenskan, Dagens Industri, DalaDemokraten, Expressen and news site Europaportalen. In addition we also monitor Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television (including SVT’s Agenda) for important issues.

The Business & Economy section cover news sources including the major business dailies, news sites such as Breakit, Di Digital and IDG, and periodicals such as Veckans Affärer and Affärsvärlden. We pay close attention to Sweden's buzzing start-up scene.  It also contains direct reporting of source material from agencies such as Finansinspektionen and the Riksbank and opinions from organisations such as Svenskt Näringsliv and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Why Mundus News?

Our readers have told us that they appreciate the following features of our service:

→Mundus News offers insights to Sweden for expatriates wanting to understand more about the society in which they work and live;

→Receiving the news before 9am each day means that they arrive to the office briefed and ready to engage, confident that they know what’s influencing Swedish decision-makers on that day;

→Arriving by email onto a smartphone suits many people, who have busy lives and enjoy reading the news whenever it suits them, be that on the commute or over a morning coffee;

→Mundus News receives consistent applause for being more accurate with reporting the stories that really matter, and the punchy format is also praised for holding people’s attention;

→Our subscribers appreciate being able to access opinions from regional Sweden – not just the capital, and also understanding how both sides of politics are thinking.

What our subscribers say

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The first thing I do before getting started with work in the morning is reading through Mundus News. If you are looking for a daily quality brief on the main news in Sweden you will love Mundus News - whether you are a native Swedish speaker or not.

Victor Millien, Managing Director La Chambre de Commerce France Suède

 It's as if I have a PA who has gotten up before me, read through the papers and provided me with a briefing.

Angela Evans, Associate Mannheimer Swartling law firm

When I’ve had a busy day and haven’t had a chance to read Mundus News, I get my Mac to read it to me when I’m cooking dinner, so I don’t miss anything.

Jacob Dornbos, Director of Policy & Operations American Chamber of Commerce


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