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Go behind the issues

The Finland Monthly Brief is an independent research publication catering to a global audience that wishes to keep abreast of political, economic- and social affairs of Finland. The brief provides insight into the big issues affecting Finland and is designed as a resource to understand the complexities and subtleties of the country while keeping on top of the latest policy news.

Diplomats tell us that they base their reports to home-capitals on our analysis, helping them to be efficient at getting the job done and foreign executives say it gives them a better understanding of the country they are operating in.

Published once a month, the review offers analysis of the topics that shape the political- and economic climate in Finland i.a. national politics, economy, security- and defence, energy, social developments and geo-political issues affecting Finland. Our insightful analytical reports give you the opportunity to understand not just outcomes but also the forces in Finnish policy-making that drive those outcomes. This means that each article is carefully researched and cross-checked across a variety of sources, including through personal contacts that we maintain.

The brief features four sections:

  1. A full-page calendar of upcoming Finnish and international events over the next three months
  2. Policy news
  3. people section with new public appointments
  4. Each issue features in-depth analytical articles on Finnish current affairs.

The Finland Monthly Brief is distributed as a PDF-file via e-mail.


Understand the complexities and subtleties of Finland

Examples of issues we have covered

Each Monthly Brief usually feature around 2-3 articles on current topics affecting Finland. We cover Finland's political landscape and the economy on a regular basis. Below are some example of issues we have covered over the years.

  1. Finnish economy and companies in Coronavirus turmoil
  2. 5G competition intensifies: Finnish top officials call for Europe to have its own 5G solutions
  3. Finland presents its solution on how to use EU money to combat climate change: Planting forests in Africa
  4. After dismal year the Greens see light again
  5. Train tickets on sale for world largest undersea rail tunnel
  6. Making the most of artificial intelligence: Set for lobbying AI during its EU Presidency, Finland raises the status of AI by experimenting with new technologies with its close neighbours.
  7. Elderly care scandals stirs debate in government’s final months of office
  8. The 2019 elections – a scene setter

Other examples of our coverage is the report on the Liike Nyt movement and our coverage of Finland’s goal to make the country a global circular economy leader by 2025.

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