The Monthly Policy Review is an independent research publication catering to a global audience that wishes to keep abreast of political, economic- and social affairs of Sweden. The review provides insight into the big issues affecting Sweden and  is designed as a resource to understand the complexities and subtleties of the country.

Diplomats tell us that they base their reports to home-capitals on our analysis, helping them to be efficient at getting the job done and foreign executives say it gives them a better understanding of the country they are operating in. 

Published at the turn of each month, the review offers analysis of the topics that shape the political- and economic climate in Sweden i.a. national politics, economy, security- and defence, energy, social developments and geo-political issues affecting Sweden. Our insightful analytical reports give you the opportunity to understand not just outcomes but also the forces in Swedish policy-making that drive those outcomes. This means that each article is carefully researched and cross-checked across a variety of sources, including through personal contacts that we maintain.

It also includes a full-page calendar of upcoming national and international events over the next three months.

The Monthly Policy Review is distributed as a PDF-file via e-mail.   A full searchable online archive is available to our subscribers, featuring  English-language reports of significant events and developments in Sweden since 2012.

Monthly Policy Review


"We base our political reporting on the Monthly Policy Review"

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