Stopped receiving our reports suddenly? There are a few steps you can take to ensure that our publications are delivered to your organisation.

Our publications is distributed via Hubspot. Given the large distribution list, our emails sometimes are marked as marketing emails and end up in a spam folder.

  • Add and to your email client address book. This tells the inbox that it should expect to receive emails coming from that address. Each email client has a different process for adding email addresses, which can be found in their help documentation.
  • Request that your IT/Email team whitelist This tells your email server that it should expect to receive emails from any from address containing
  • Request your IT/Email team to whitelist our IP sending addresses from Hubspot. If you would like our IP sending addresses, please contact us.
  • Open and click links in the emails you do receive from us. This tells the inbox to trust emails coming from Mundus International and email sending domain. An email client is always learning; if you continue to open and click on our emails, your email client will learn to accept those emails in the future.
  • Move emails from us found in your SPAM/junk folder back to the inbox. This tells the inbox where to place that email in the future and improves your domain’s sender reputation.

No news on Monday morning? Mundus News is published throughout the year except on public holidays, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Midsummer’s Eve. Sometimes organisations do security updates of their servers over the weekend and our publications may have been quarantined by security systems. In this scenario, the email was filtered after being received by the server but before it was placed in the recipient inbox. Check with your IT department and ask them to perform the above steps and consider whitelisting our IP addresses from Hubspot..

Publication dates:

Mundus News and Mundus Nordic Green News are published on weekdays except public holidays.

Mundus Weekly is published 40 times a year (roughly when the Riksdag is in session)

Mundus Business Insights is published 40 times a year with a break over summer and Christmas.

The Monthly Policy Review and the Finland Monthly Brief are published 12 times a year.

Mundus Archives

Our publications are also available in our archives, which can be accessed here

Subscribers will be able to access the publications they subscribe to. If you need access, email

Please note that Mundus News will be published some time during the day of publication.